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Welcome to Join ouraffiliate program.We are offering you a good chance of promoting our website and game currency for earningextraincome, forthose who operate a website or any other social medias,e.g. YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Twitch,etc. You can join our program to earn commission for no hidden charges.The only thing you need to do is to post your exclusiveaffiliate links at conspicuous position and we will pay you the commission of thesales your affiliate link brought. Join usnow!
How to earn money from
1.Register the affiliate program for free.
2.Get your own affiliate link and exclusive coupon code, copy & save the link & code, which will be used to track your sales on our site.
3.Promote & advertise your personal link and coupon code, and guide your visitors to buy coins through the link or coupon code.
4.You will get 5% of the orders value as commission.
5.If your affiliate link brings us about steady and constant orders, or you have any other good propaganda methods and constructive suggestions, please contact our customer service, we will pay you with extra commission.
Important Notice:
1.Your commission can be withdrawn after 30 days since the order generation. $100 will be the minimum withdraw sum of commission.
2.Your commissions can be withdrawn by PayPal or Skrill..
3. You can also convert your commission into in-game currency, for doing that, you need to contact our customer service in advance, the exchange ratio will be depend on current market situation.
4.Commissions will be counted on completed orders only! Refunded orders won’t be counted (seldom occurs).
5.Do not use your affiliate link as spam.
6.Do not restrict other affiliates, and please don’t post your affiliate link on official social medias.
7.Please do not fake large quantity of orders by yourself, we need authentic customers brought about by your advertising.
8. reserves the final rights of interpreting above terms.